Three New Milk Processing Plants commissioned. Funded under the USDA section 416 re : Expanded Dairy Program for Rural Enhancement.. They are located in Negros Occidental, Iloilo and Zamboanga del Norte..

Bureau Of Food and Drugs -Accredited NDA Milk Lab. With the BFAD certification of the NDA Milk Laboratory at the Central Office, the lab conducted tests for various local processors and started to generate revenues from testing services

Dairy Farm Accreditation Program Launched. 85 dairy farms in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao were inspected and rated pursuant to DA A.O. No. 9 series of 2005. Following sanitation and animal husbandry standards, the accreditation team posted certification plates in accredited farms.

Private Sector and Local Government Initiatives in Dairy - Several private groups bought their own dairy animals in 2005. This included a private importation of 750 dairy animals and an active trading in dairy animals among animal raisers and new entrants


Distribution of new batch of dairy animals. Realizing the need to augment the present stocks due to the growing demand for milk and milk products, 615 head of pregnant Holstein Friesian x Sahiwal and 2 head Holstein Friesian x Sahiwal bulls were imported from New Zealand and distributed to farmer groups, organization/s and association/s in the dairy sector.

Two Milk Processing Plants Inaugurated in two Dairy Zones. To further enhance the processing capability of existing dairy zones, a Milk Processing Plant has been established specifically in Brgy. Cordova Norte, Tigbauan, Iloilo and in Sitio Malaw, Brgy. Langatian M. A. Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte.

Milk Sterilizing Retort Facility in CEFEDCO. Fully Operational, milk can now reach even the far-flung regions in the country. The Sterilized Milk Blend produced by CEFEDCO Milk Sterilizing Retort Facility in CEFEDCO was already producing 7,200 pouches per day to supply the milk feeding program beneficiaries in Leyte. In addition, an Automated Fill- Seal Machine has been purchased for milk bar production.

Implementation of the Forage Seed Production Project. This project was a business opportunity for farmers to venture into forage production. NDA started the forage seed production project at Ubay, Bohol to supply planting materials for massive seed production and distribution. 22 hectares of land were plowed and 15 hectares were developed and planted into different kinds of forage seeds such as Resonii, Red Calliandra, and Indigofera. NDA also conducted trainings on forage seed production in Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur which were attended by farmers.

Successful Distribution of the 485 Animals from New Zealand. New batch of dairy animals (485 hd. 62.5 Holstein Friesian X 37.5 Sahiwal) arrived in June 5, 2007 at Cagayan de Oro Port and were quarantined at Del Monte Phils. (DMPI) feedlot Camp Fabia, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. About 200 head were distributed to the Bicol Region under the Food for Progress Program. The remaining 285 head were distributed to farmers of Luzon and Visayas dairy zones. These new animals are expected to augment the present stocks and further increase milk production in the country.

Retort Facility in Lanao del Norte-Established and Operational. The country now has 3 Retort Facilities, in Davao under the Federation of Davao Dairy Farmers Cooperative (FEDDAFC), in Cebu under the Cebu Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (CEFEDCO) and now in Lanao del Norte under the Lanao Foundation,Inc. (LFI) The retort facility and the rotary fill-seal equipment were installed in December 2007. The retort facility can process 10,000 milk pouches in an 8-hour operation

New Milking Areas Opened. New areas in San Vicente- Palawan, Capalonga- Camarines Norte and Nagcarlan-Laguna, were the new entrants in the milking business in South Luzon. In San Vicente, a recipient of 50 head batch 8 animals started to produce an average of 300 liters of milk per day. In Capalonga-Camarines Norte, two upgraded cows will be future milk producers in the area, an offshoot of the UNAIP campaign conducted by DA-RFU V. A cooperative of Nagcarlan –Laguna, NAGSAMA Multipurpose, has started to sell some 10,871 liters of milk to KKMI.


Arrival and Distribution of 450 Imported Dairy Cattle and the establishment of from New Zealand

New Batch of dairy animals ( 450 pregnant Holstein Friesian X Sahiwal / Bos Indicus Dairy Crossbreeds) arrived last June 12, 2008 at Cagayan de Oro Port from New Zealand and were distributed to dairy projects in Pangasinan, Negros Oriental, Davao del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and other dairy assisted areas.

two (2) nNew Dairy Zones Establishedin Negros Oriental and Pangasinan. A milk processing plant was set up in Negros Oriental.

Government-Private Sector Partnership on Dairy Firmed Up. A Pilot Model of a breeder farm located in Quezon province was launched in August.






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