2001 - 2004

44,837 malnourished children covered by milk feeding programs, bringing the total to 210,00 since 1995.

The 1,200 dairy animals imported in August 2000 increased to 2,042 by December 2001, indicating a 70% rate of asset creation over 16 months. Effective delivery of animal health and nutrition services was one of the major factors in the herd growth.


Four milk processing plants – in Bulacan, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao- have been evaluated, redesigned and upgraded at 20% savings with equipment sourcing from Thailand.

Fabrication of a local retort facility for sterilized milk. The DOST and a local engineer were instrumental in building it Construction of the first milk plant with direct investment by farmers cooperative

Us donation of 2,000 metric tons of of non-fat dry milk under PL 416

Quarantine and delivery of 501 tropical dairy crosses from new Zealand in July

NDA Central laboratories begin milk analysis and animal blood tests. First harvest of 21 weanlings (upgraded animals) from Del Monte Phils, Inc. Inter-agency

Milk feeding Committee (IMFC) created to oversee milk feeding programs in the country.

Herd registry system installed , formalizing efforts of tracking of animal performance monitored by NDA’s extension personnel

New ventures in dairy goats and dairy carabaos by conducting financial analyses of the carabao-based program dairy enterprise and mobilized enterprise support for carabao milk producing groups.

BIR rules on the 4 % presumptive VAT for milk processors.

SALBA Dairy Cooperative honored in People power People Movement

Quality- based milk payment systems installed. A dairy farmer gets paid for his milk not just on the basis of volume but also on the grade of m ilk delivered.

IFresh Milk Board launched – seven dairy processors in Luzon (Hacienda Macalauan, Katipunan ng Kooperatiba ng Maggagatas Ink.(KKMI), Sta. Maria Dairy in Bulacan, DVF Dairy, Nueva Ecija Federation of Dairy Cooperatives- NEFEDCO, and the Tribo Zambaleño) formed the board.

Drinking yogurt. MILKEE sterilized milk and Gouda capture delighted market segments.

New areas opened for Milk Feeding Programs with new agreements with Dep-ED and support from USDA.

Opening of new dairy sites with investors and farmers in Zambales, Quezon and Camarines Sur and Lanao del Norte among the most serious newcomers in dairy.

New modes of entry for private sectors investors in dairy. Private sectors have been putting money into dairy projects. These investors include families of overseas workers in Lucban, Quezon and business person in Bulacan and Tagaytay.

Farm enterprise service packages to enhance NDA revenue generation. Activated trading in dairy animals. Mainstream dairy animal financing went through a viability test .NDA has entered into a partnership with Quedancor to undertake animal loans.

The 6th National Dairy Congress was held on May 25-27 in Cagayan de Oro City with the theme: "School Milk in the New Millennium".

Dairy accepted as program component in coconut farm diversification.






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