1996 - 1998

San Miguel Corporation and Nestle S.A. agreed to merge Magnolia Nestle Corporation and Nestle Philippines Inc. with Nestle Philippines as the surviving company. The merger took effect February 1996.

In relation to the provision of RA 7884 on integration of local raw milk into commercial processing, the National Dairy Authority facilitated the conduct of the"First Dairy Forum" held last 08 March 1996..

The forum initiated preliminary discussions which established the cooperation between the two major industry players.

On nutrition concerns, the Memorandum of Agreement between the NDA and the National Nutrition Council was signed on 18 September 1996. It aimed to generate awareness on the value and promote increased consumption of milk and dairy products in the country.

NDA signed a MOA with Land Bank of the Phils. as Special Lending Program on credit assistance to dairy farmers and dairy cooperatives.

The School Milk Feeding Program was first launched in 1989 by the then Philippine Dairy Corporation.

To provide a sure market for the milk produced by the dairy cooperatives, the NDA and the NDA assisted dairy cooperatives supported the the expansion of the School Milk Feeding Program (SMFP). It also endeavored to raise the nutritional status of malnourished school children nationwide.

It was simultaneously launched in Regions III, IV, VI, VIII, X and XI on 15 September 1997. On the other hand, the launching ceremony for Region V was done 06 December 1997.

Successful pilot production run of a milk blend using locally produced milk (fresh milk supplied by Northern Mindanao farmers-cooperators) and imported whole milk powder treated at ultra-high temperature (UHT). This breakthrough enables the SMFP to reach far areas.

Completion of the Study on the "Census of Dairy Enterprises" conducted by the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics in coordination with NDA, PCC and DTRI.

The study aims to fill in statistical gaps concerning dairy production in the Philippines.

The study revealed that in 1996, almost 72% of the total number of provinces comprising 300 municipalities and 738 barangays are involved in dairying activities. The commercial dairy farmers shared 44% in domestic production, dairy cooperatives (34%), individual dairy farmers (19%) and 3% from institutional farms. It also highlighted that production comes from dairy animals of 9,687 heads (dams/does).

Launching of National Feeding Program (17 July 1998) - funds provided through the Congressional Initiative Allocation of Senator Ernesto Angara. The program was launched in coordination with DECS and NNC.

A bright future for the local dairy industry, linkages with foreign governments and institutions increased.

Government-Led Initiatives:

Philippine -Sweden Project- to set up a dairy cattle and milk production project in the province of Misamis Oriental.

Philippine -India Dairy Project- to set up a dairy processing plant that will utilize local fresh milk and imported milk powder within the Southern Tagalog Region.

Philippine-Australia Project - to set up a UHT plant in Luzon. The project will be complemented with a "Generic Milk Marketing Program" and the development of a generic brand fresh milk to be distributed throughout the country.






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