Accessibility Statement

The National Dairy Authority makes every effort to build our official website that is accessible to all users, especially to people with disabilities.

Our website use common keyboard which are as follows:

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Tab Key - use this key to navigate through the menu links sequentially. Alt+Left Key - use this to browse backwards through the history.
  2. Alt+Right Key - use this to browse forward through the history.


  1. To enlarge the page (zoom-in), press Ctrl++ Keys
  2. To reduce the page (zoom-out) press Ctrl-- Keys

Access Keys

A selection of keyboard commands that are currently supported is listed below.  Use the combined ALT + Accesskey + ENTER keys.

Combination keys used for each browser.

  • Chrome for Linux press (Alt+Shift+shortcut_key)
  • Chrome for Windows press (Alt+shortcut_key)
  • For Firefox press (Alt+Shift+shortcut_key)
  • For Internet Explorer press (Alt+Shift+shortcut_key) then press (enter)



Alt + 0

Accessibility Statement (this page)

Alt + 1

Go back to Home Page

Alt + R

Skip to main content

Alt + 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Alt + C

Contact Us

Alt + K


Alt + M

Site Map


General Web Site Layout

The website  contains the following.

  1. The firsr row which is the top bar contains the following menus: Home, Transparency, Programs, Skip to Content, Sitemap, Accessibility, Industry Data, Services , Contact Us and Search.
  2. The second row contains an image of the agency's logo and name
  3. The third row shows an image slider.
  4. The fourth row which is the auxiliary menu contains the following : About Us, Dairy News, Features, History, Archives,  FAQs,Sitemap, Downloads,Opportunities and Forum
  5. The fifth row  has  three main columns, The first column contains the Transparency Seal and Location map.
  6. The middle column consists of featured articles.
  7. The third columns contains the Philippine Standard Time, Calendar of Events, Login form, NEDA Certification, SPS & Related Legal Issuances.
  8. The sixth row contains the Sitemap, Faceebook link and Twitter link.
  9. The seventh row contains the links to other Government Agencies.

If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility of this site, feel free to email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..